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By becoming an Ally, not only do you directly contribute to everything we do here at Elevate Wells County, but you also gain access to some exclusive benefits. Check out what packages we offer below.


With a donation of $25 - $49, you to become an official Ally of Elevate Wells County and gain access to exclusive Ally only meetings with the board.

First Aid


For $50 - $99 you jump up to the next package. This allows you all the same privileges as with Red, but comes with the bonus of an exclusive Elevate Wells County pronoun pinback button.

Heart Shaped Waffles


A donation of $100 - $249 comes with the benefits and prizes of Red and Orange, as well as an Elevate Wells County Ally vinyl sticker . 

green heart.jfif


 Become a Green Ally for $250 - $499, and you'll receive all the gifts of Red, Orange, and Yellow, along with a custom designed  Elevate Wells County water bottle in the color of your choice.

Blue heart.jfif


With all the bonuses of Red, Orange Yellow, and Green, the Blue package for $500 - $749, you will also receive an Elevate Wells County t-shirt in the color and design of your choice

Purple heart.jfif


For $750 - $999 you become a Purple Ally and gain all the prizes of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue, as well as a surprise goodie bag put together by the Board of Directors.

Pink heart.jfif

By purchasing our premium package for $1000+ you complete the rainbow, gaining all the bonuses offered with the other packages, as well as an official Allyship card that grants you free entry to any pay to enter events Elevate Wells County hosts for the year. 


To become an Ally, please click here and fill out the form. Thank you for your contribution!

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