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Our Mission


At Elevate Wells County, our mission is to promote diversity, inclusivity, and equity by facilitating educational initiatives, encouraging open dialog, and fostering cooperation. We strive to elevate marginalized communities, encourage empathy, and challenge physical and metaphorical barriers. 

The board of Elevate Wells County is currently made up of five individuals who not only represent several of the marginalized communities they are trying to uplift, but are also dedicated to upholding the mission and making sure all marginalized communities feel equally represented and supported. 

Meet the

Meet the

Haley Ashman

Haley has worked in customer service the majority of her working life. She has held sales and managerial positions, and even owned and operated her own business until giving it up to focus on being a full-time mom of three. Growing up not knowing she was AuDHD and queer, Haley never really felt like she fit in anywhere. This led to her having a great amount of empathy for and being one to gravitate towards those who society has deemed as "other." Her passion for social justice and advocacy has only grown as she's been further exposed to and experienced the prejudice directed towards those in marginalized communities. Together with her partner, Kayla, Haley co-founded the first ever diversity group in the county and organized several local events. Her goal is to fill a prevalent need she sees in her county, and show everyone they have support, even in the most divided of communities. 

Vice President
Kayla Holland

Kayla Holland is a Bluffton native and co-founder of ELEVATE Wells County. She uses her degree in Health Promotion & Exercise Science to help people feel confident in their abilities while providing guidance on how to achieve their personal health goals. Kayla had the opportunity to connect and learn from the diverse population she served while working in a Chicago health clinic. That experience, combined with her own experience as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, prompted her to work towards creating a safe and equitable environment for all marginalized groups.

Executive Director

Carla Sue Castro, MA, LMHC has been involved in serving her community for over two decades. She has worked primarily in the nonprofit world, serving marginalized populations. As a licensed mental health counselor and a Latin X individual, she strives to create a safe environment for all. In 2021, Carla Sue helped to create after school clubs for diversity and inclusion at the local middle and high school. She advocates for equality, respect, and representation for minorities and strives to have a community where everyone can be accepted as they are.

Carla Sue Castro

Dylan McIntosh, a veteran and graduate of Indiana Wesleyan, whose passion for social equity has shaped his advocacy work. As a dedicated father of two older teens and a loving spouse, Dylan intimately understands the significance of fostering a world where each individual is valued and empowered. With a profound commitment, Dylan strives to create positive change, championing inclusivity and empowering marginalized communities for a more equitable future.

Dylan McIntosh
Jason Habegger
Board Member

Jason Habegger is a Wells County native. He obtained his master’s degree from IU in 2019. As a neurodivergent person, he has experienced the pain of being an outsider and desires that no one else feel this way. Jason firmly believes in the Mahatma Gandhi quote “The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.”


Chris is a Bluffton native and Ball State alum who migrated to New York to acquire civil rights. He works at the Rochester Institute of Technology, providing LGBTQIA2S+ resources and training, and teaches courses in gender and sexuality. He plays in the forests near the Finger Lakes and has long conversations with trees, birds, and other creatures. 

Board Member
Christopher Hinesley
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